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Searching for exceptional talent to help achieve your goals?


We partner with a range of climate-tech, sustainability-focused, and purpose-led businesses globally. Whether you're addressing climate solutions or you're trying to build a team to help your company reach net zero, we can help!

Our focus:

01 Level

We specialise in mid to senior level hiring, working on roles such as:

  • Senior Managers

  • Directors

  • Head of

  • VP, and

  • C-Suite

02 Industry

We work across any industry focused on sustainability, including:

  • Built environment

  • Circular economy

  • Carbon solutions

  • ESG

  • Energy

  • Mobility 

  • Nature-based solutions

Image by Annie Spratt

Our approach

Partnering with a recruitment firm shouldn't feel like a leap of faith. That's why we're committed to outlining our approach and setting clear expectations in every phase of the process


The "getting to know you" phase

We love getting to know our clients and understanding what makes them tick. Just as every person is unique, so is every business. We delve deeply into each client, leaving no corner unexplored. This thorough approach maximises our ability to represent them effectively in the market and to identify ideal matches when we find them


The "hey, leave it to us" phase

Using everything we know about our client and their brief, we undertake hyper-focused and meticulous mapping of the best talent on the market. Using proactive headhunting and a thorough interview process we then assess them ensuring only the best profiles are presented to our clients


The "happily ever after" phase

We're by your side every step of the way. Our job isn't done once interviews start, far from it. From the first interview to contract negotiations and onboarding, we ensure a seamless, stress-free, positive experience for both sides. We have learnt the impact that this can have on retention and engagement of new joiners

If you like the sound of how we do things and want an introductory conversation, get in touch using the form or drop us an email 

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